Strong design can make the difference

Brand Identity

More than just a logo, a powerful brand is the opportunity to capture and inspire an audience by making them see what you see; your vision and your story behind the potential of your product or service.

S.Hilton Design creates brand assets, imagery and fonts which communicate the visual identity of your brand to your customers. As your brand and audience evolve over time, S.Hilton Design can support, develop and rebrand in line with your growth.

Packaging Design
For your product to hold its own on a shelf edge, it needs to stand head and shoulders above the rest. S.Hilton Design have established relationships with packaging companies to ensure your packaging is designed and delivered to your expectations.

Brochure Design

Brochures are one of the most important sales tools a company can produce and content-rich design needs careful consideration. A brochure is like a physical version of your website and designing yours efficiently and informatively will leave people wanting to find out more.

Exhibition Stands and Signage
When attending an event or wanting to help people find your premises, they will instantly recognise you through branded signage. When directly up again competitors at trade shows, being bold but meaningful shows that you mean business and can take your offering to another level.

Advertising Campaigns

Screaming at someone is no use if they’ve got their fingers in their ears. We value credible advertising – making sure that the offer is relevant as well as distinctly different. Whether directly inline with the brand or with a unique visual style, we can create campaigns that suit the purpose and aesthetic of your brand.

Direct Mailers and Leaflets
From a simple leaflet to bespoke solutions, we create thought-provoking direct mail campaigns that drive results. There is real value to the consumer having something sent or given to them, so we consider the emotional, strategic and financial benefits before designing mailers and leaflets.