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Assaranca Vodka

Vodka from the hills of Donegal.

From the county that has distilling in its soul, and from family distillers with a unique sense of place, comes Assaranca Vodka.

Taking its name from the dancing waters of Assaranca Falls, Assaranca Vodka is infused with berries from the “the lady of the hills” (the rowan tree) and blossom from the gorse that protects faerie castles, showers the Donegal hills in a riot of colour, and radiates the fresh fragrance of coconut and almond in the early summer.

S.Hilton Design worked closely with the founders to create this beautiful label for Assaranca Vodka, featuring a Sumi-e painting of the Assaranca waterfall cascading down into the deep pool below, complemented by delicate clusters of the rich, vibrant gold yellow blossoms of the gorse bushes and the bright reds on the rowan tree berries. Alongside the developing design, S.Hilton Design created the website, marketing materials and photography.