The Sparkling Wine Co

The Sparkling Wine Co import and distribute sparkling wine, champagne and prosecco ‘on tap’ across the UK and specialise in market leading customer service.

We were honoured to work with the brand when they asked us to design their new website and market collateral.

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Sparkling Website

The brief here was to redesign and rebuild their website to showcase their wines and brand while allowing them to tell their story. With a focus on content and usability we designed and built a sleek digital assets, which brings their brand to life.


We started the project by reshooting all of the brands products and wine taps, to ensure a crisp, clean image online.

Creative Collateral

We designed and developed the brand’s website, as well as their print and marketing materials. We also developed the vinyl full wraps for their wine taps and sourced brand enhancing photography. Not only that, helped prospective customers visualise the installation process of their wine kegs with custom designed artwork.

Photography – Mike Garlick